Operational Excellence

While GCR will bring operational excellence in many ways, GCR must operationalize Life Cycle View analytics and give a clear view of the product and brand investments in congress, meeting, and event activities to very granular details like customer or event investment.

If an organization has a lifecycle view of these investments, it can develop more effective strategies to increase brands’ revenues and adjust life cycle optimization techniques, thus bringing operational excellence and process efficiency.


  • Keeps track of all events within scope and supports all mandatory steps in the approval and documentation process
  • Flags and keeps trace of new and changed entries for approval
  • Provides role-based access control
  • Notifies users when (inter)action is needed and keeps track of the status of the event
  • Provides alerts if mandatory steps and filing are incomplete

Adherence to Compliance Regulations

GCR offers necessary governance standards with transparent workflows, drop-down menu’s, and help driven functions to support users. These features increase efficiency, reduce compliance risks, and generate real-time insights where projects are within their planning and execution lifecycle, all within one single repository. GCR has embedded best in class SMM governance standards in its process, connecting all data points in supporting systems ensuring adherence to existing policies and procedures, and mitigating compliance risks.


  • Safeguards adherence to compliance regulations and ensures filing of fully documented compliance and business decisions
  • Manages compliance risks
  • Option to build-in context driven help-functions (e.g., show applicable paragraphs from your compliance SOP)
  • Drives autonomous self-governing processes ensuring accountability

Generate Commercial Insights

GCR operationalizes your SMM strategy to clearly visualize the outcomes in real-time and support executive leadership teams to make sound business decisions related to brand investments, customer engagement, lifecycle optimization and compliance risk mitigation strategies.


  • Aligns output with strategic objectives
  • Provides access to a real-time central repository, offering a consolidated view of all company-wide activities and engagements, for all stakeholders
  • Ensures completeness of data captured, supported by documented audit trail

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GCR’s first of its kind solution will undoubtedly bring game-changing real-time insights


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API Connectivity

API integration minimizes the repetition of data entry in multiple systems, but it also truly brings all data sets together that will provide better insights on both the operational and executive levels within an organization.

When we say, ‘first of its kind,’ GCR does not replace existing systems; instead, it acts as the missing link within the SMM process and its landscape of systems by enabling them to connect. Today, every organization has many systems to organize and manage individual functions like Finance, Project Management, Customer Relationship Management, Compliance approval and disclosures and many more. To get insights from all these datasets combined either is not possible manually or takes much effort because manual cleaning of data always carries the risk of human error, questioning the validity of outputs.


  • Supports an API (application program interface protocol) for easy connection with other systems

Dashboard Analytics and Reporting

The impact of GCR on various domains reflects how the GCR solution works as a missing link, bringing operational efficiency and new insights by automating processes into real-time reports. Gone are the days of manually aggregating data from multiple sources.

GCR provides you insightful dashboards to quickly evaluate project status and ensure completeness of data captured, supported by a documented audit trail. Granular details on SMM spend information can provide valuable inputs in terms of per-participant spend, investments made, or benchmark data.

This can all be done through our seamless GCR integration option available with existing systems that enrich your current processes’ outcomes.

  • Operationalizes life cycle view analytics
  • Supports reporting on individual events to stakeholders, but also consolidated reporting on selections of multiple or all projects to provide meaningful statistics for decision-makers and monitoring processes
  • Generates insights into new information, thus unlocking insights hidden in existing databases


How does GCR work?

The integrated meeting request module captures all meeting and event activity requests (made by SMM associates) and initiates a concept approval, simultaneously creating an event database irrespective of meeting size, budget, and stakeholder. The relevant decision-makers’ conceptual approval ensures the intended business objectives are captured, approved, and easily measured.

Project execution begins after the concept and related activities receive approval and budgets, which triggers a raised PO.  Projects open within the project management system, and participant lists compile from CRMs. Compliance specialists are alerted for the activities and are requested to approve the activity parameters, e.g., participant list, reporting obligations, hospitality limits, and invitation timelines and approvals for invited HCP’s, activating all systems for created projects.

Based on the project status, GCR starts receiving the outputs from all these individual systems and creates dashboards in real-time. These dashboards can be pre-set or customized to your organizational needs and system requirements.